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When you’re facing divorce, the circumstances under which you are raising and caring for your children change instantly. However, a divorce shouldn’t prevent you from making decisions about your children’s well-being or maintaining a loving relationship with them. At Marros Law, LLC in York, PA, I am dedicated to protecting your right to raise your children in a thriving, healthy environment. I represent parents in Pennsylvania in all aspects of child custody and visitation law, striving to achieve the best possible outcome. 

What are the various aspects of child custody determinations?

I understand how critical it is for you to make informed decisions concerning your children’s welfare. I am committed to delivering effective counsel and representation on specific child custody matters, such as making decisions regarding:

  • Legal custody — In most child custody cases, both parents are afforded equal decision-making authority. If this authority, known sometimes as legal custody, is shared, each parent has a say in decisions related to the child’s healthcare, education and religion.
  • Physical custody — It is often preferable for both parents to have meaningful time with their children, whether that’s through shared custody or one parent having sole residential custody of the children while the other parent gets ample visitation time. These arrangements can help children establish and maintain strong ties to a school or community.
  • Parenting time — My firm helps clients negotiate fair parenting plans that give children meaningful, frequent contact with both parents and address matters such as weekends, holidays and transportation between homes.

Settling divorce-related disputes outside the courtroom is usually preferable, particularly when there are children involved, but if the other parent won’t negotiate reasonably, I am always willing to guide your case through litigation. 

Why parent-child relationships are vital in Pennsylvania child custody cases

When child custody is a matter of contention, it’s vital that you establish and maintain contact with your children. Whether you are interested in obtaining physical custody for the first time or maintaining it, the court meticulously reviews your degree of involvement in your children’s lives. You can help your case by documenting your contact and attempts made to resolve disagreements with your co-parent.

There may also be some situations in which a parent shouldn’t have custody of children or even unsupervised visitation due to things like a history of violence or substance abuse. In these situations, the court may allow supervised visitation. Whatever your goals are with an upcoming child custody case, my law firm can provide the assistance you require.

Can you ask for changes to a child custody order in Pennsylvania?

Child custody and parenting orders approved by the Pennsylvania courts are supposed to create a reliable routine for children whose parents live apart. However, sometimes there is justification for a change to an established order.

A family law judge may approve custody modifications if there are substantial changes in circumstances, such as one parent needing to move away for work. My law firm can represent your interests when you need to file for a modification order.

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